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Note: This post will be helpful if you’re using WordPress as your chosen blogging platform.

I’ve been around the blogging world for a good while now and since people have asked me, I decided to share my tips and advice on blogging.

I know you’ve probably read many of these “helpful” posts only to feel more confused and discouraged. Even though some of them might have proved valuable, I’d like to make this very simple for you.

If I am to give you one tip ONLY, this will be:


And I’ll explain why.

If you’re starting to blog now and you’ve already filled your head with articles about how to choose a theme and customise it, adding widgets and creating Facebook pages, SEO and key words, etc., I’ll urge you to just forget about all this for a while.

I know that it could be quite mind-boggling getting used to WordPress at first with all its features and so for now your only focus needs to be on forging connections with other bloggers. (I say this considering, of course, that you already know what you want to write about.)

The most important thing about WordPress is that it is a communiy. That means that there’s an ocean of fellow bloggers out there, every single one of them wanting to be heard, acknowledged and to share their experiences and wisdom.

I am sure this applies to you too. And even though at the beginning you might think you’re mainly writing for yourself, to yourself, I can ensure you that if you’re truly committed to blogging you will soon find out that you write for other people, with the hope of being helpful and providing valuable content.

And that is what WordPress is truly great for – it allows you to share your content and make it accessible to many, while at the same time making it easy for everyone to find it and appreciate it.

But, there’s that one step that you need to make – connect with other fellow bloggers.

I’ll share some ways you can do that:

  • Go to your reader and search for a tag (key word) – the one centre thing you want to write/are writing about. My first word is transformation – this is what my blog is mainly about. Then I try soul or healing or spirituality, for example. See what comes up – if it resonates, connect!
  • You’ve already followed a few people, when you read a post of theirs, go to the comment section and have a look at the other bloggers who have commented. If you find someone’s name or blog title appealing – click on their gravatar and check them out. If they resonate with you – follow them, read their posts, comment on some of them, like them.

IMPORTANT: Don’t worry about how many blogs you follow – the more, the merrier. Even if they don’t follow you back, remember this isn’t about numbers. If you show genuine interest in their content, they will surely come and check out your stuff too.

ALSO: I would suggest, when you read somebody’s post, if you truly enjoyed it, to hit the like button. That way you’re showing them that you’ve been to their blog and have read their article. That way they know somebody has appreciated their work and might very well return the favour to you.

ANOTHER THING: It’s not totally necessary to comment on everything you’ve read but sometimes even saying something simple as “Thanks for sharing” goes a long way and encourages everyone in the blogging world to be kind and appreciative of others’ work.

REMEMBER: It is a community – it really is about being generous, sympathetic, thoughtful and encouraging of each other. If you’re only counting numbers or keeping score, you’ll find yourself in an empty room all by yourself. It does start with giving.

My personal experience is that not always I can spend long time reading fellow bloggers’ posts and this is completely natural.

The ways I’ve found to keep up with posts are:

  • Subscribe to a weekly digest – every Sunday I receive an email with the posts of bloggers I follow and throughout the week I try and read through most of them + like and comment.
  • Go to your reader – when you have a few spare minutes waiting on a bus, line, or when you’re taking a break or lunch, etc., checkout what’s coming up in your feed. Even if you can’t comment right now, you can come back to it when you have another few free minutes.

We are living in extremely demanding times where our attention is being hijacked by new information at every split second. But if you’re serious about blogging, connecting should be a priority. And even if you falter in your commitment sometimes, remember that self-compassion and forgiveness is key in this process. Nobody’s perfect – just come back to it as soon as you can.

LAST WORDS: If you’re only blogging to market your work, without taking the time to actually go around and connect with other bloggers too, you’ll probably find that blogging isn’t bringing what you were looking for. There are better platforms for just marketing and/or gathering a following.

WordPress is about community and forging connections.

Did you find this post helpful? Let me know in the comments any questions you have! And share this post if you enjoyed it. Infinite thanks!


Vilina Christoph is a spiritual writer and uses the power of words to help others on their journey of healing and recovery. She distills challenging life experiences into meaningful lessons and practical wisdom. She believes that finding our voices and speaking our truth empowers us to transform our lives and reach long-lasting fulfillment.


  • Keith McArthur

    Great post Vilina! I couldn’t agree more and your tip applies to so much more than just blogging. As an entrepreneur, I didn’t really figure out my business until I recognized that I wasn’t in the book publishing business but the community business!

  • Vilina Christoph

    Thanks for pointing that out, Nicolle. I agree that you need to follow as many blogs as it feels right and comfortable for you because at the end there isn’t much point of following without being able to actually connect with the people behind the blogs. What I had in mind is that there’s this tendency around social platforms to keep score on your followers/following. Some people follow others only to unfollow them as soon as they get a follow back. Perhaps it’s more common in Instagram and Twitter than in WordPress. I want to raise the awareness that this isn’t a numbers game and actually it is beneficial if you follow more people because you build a bigger community. But again, whatever number feels comfortable with you. Thanks for reading :*

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