Memoir Two

Memoir: Two

When I first looked I saw one line and instantly felt relief. But when I looked closer, I could barely see the pale second line.
It was positive.
I was sitting on the toilet seat in the bathroom and the reality of what was happening started hitting me.

I was pregnant.

Once the initial panic passed, I could feel an excitement. It wasn’t a bad thing, I thought. I do love him. Of all men I’ve been with, he’s the only one I would like to have children with.
I know we’ve been both silently thinking about it and agreeing on the possibility of it one day.
But that day was today and that was a surprise.
Those first days after the news were frantic and we found each other talking about future plans almost obsessively since we both didn’t know how to properly process the facts.
But the eagerness and willingness were in place, maybe a bit too much of it even.


Vilina Christoph is a writer and unofficially calls herself a word alchemist. She writes about her journey of healing from trauma and abuse to raise the awareness around the importance of mental and emotional health. She believes that finding our voices and speaking up our truth can helps us transmute our pain and transform our lives.

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