• Dear Beautiful You Image
    Mindfulness & Meditation

    Dear beautiful you

    Dear, I love you! I cherish you! I thank you for being the vessel for my soul! You are beautiful, you are worthy, you are precious! You deserve to be happy, you deserve to follow your dreams, you deserve to honour your path. You don’t have to hold on to the past, you do not need to keep the painful memories, you do not need to suffer anymore. You don’t have to be unhappy because someone else is unhappy, you do not need to commiserate with their pain. That won’t help ease their pain, that won’t make them feel better. You have the right to put your needs first, you…

  • Motherhood Image
    Mindfulness & Meditation

    Motherhood and enjoying the present moment

    For a first time in my life I feel like I’m enjoying being a mother and my relationship with my son. I was too naive and maybe somewhat young when I became a mother. We’ve only been together with my partner for an year when I got pregnant. But we said yes to it, yes to all this family-making, children-raising thing. And it was good for a while. But soon it became clear that this isn’t what I thought it would be. It soon became clear that instead of building a family, there was a wall being built between me and everything around me. And I closed down and shut…

  • You Are Not Alone Image
    Mindfulness & Meditation

    You’re not alone in your pain

    I’m crying but I’m happy. I’m happy because in the depths of my soul I am happy, happier than I’ve ever been. But I’m also crying and that’s because I’m crying out all the pain my mother, my sister, all the women in my family, and all the women in the world for centuries had felt. But I’m happy because I’m shifting all that pain. I’m crying because they couldn’t transform the pain, they felt it and lived with it till their very last breath. But I’m happy because they will be free, I am setting them, myself and the future generations free, now. From all that couldn’t be said,…

  • Follow Your Feelings Image
    Mindfulness & Meditation

    Follow your feelings

    You have been given the power to feel for a reason. It is not a curse, nor a weakness. Your feelings are your built-in guidance system. Trust them. Never question or doubt them. Learn to listen to their subtle moves. Catch them when they are gentle ripples rather than when they’ve escalated into stormy waves. Follow the good feelings. When do you really feel good? Do more of that! And the bad ones – acknowledge them. What are they telling you? Do not ignore them, they are telling you something. Your feelings are your connection to your source, they are the way you are spoken to by your god. Never…

  • To My Dear Child Image
    Mindfulness & Meditation

    To my dear child

    I thought I was coping with my reality until I realised that I was just trying to escape from it. The key to enjoying my life is to actually embrace it, as it is. I was running away from you, thinking you were the problem. When in fact, you are the one who will hold me through the problem. Regardless of everything else, I have the greatest gift of life  – you, my child. My son – my mirror, my reflection. All my pain projected onto you. I called you many things – all projections of what I’ve been hurting from in my life and relationships. My dear child, you’re…

  • You Deserve Your Love Image
    Mindfulness & Meditation

    You deserve your love

    How comfortable are you with yourself? Are you accepting of yourself? What do you feel when you look in the mirror? What’s your first thought when you see a picture of yourself? Love yourself! It may be hard at first, it may even sound absurd. Believe me, I know first hand. But you deserve your love more than anyone else. Give it to yourself, even if it feels ridiculous and silly. It’s the only way towards happiness and fulfillment in life. It’s the first step towards self-realisation and inner peace. Nobody else will give you that love. It can only come from you to you. It’s your only obligation in…

  • Choice Is Yours Image
    Mindfulness & Meditation

    The choice is yours

    Will you choose to grumble or will you choose to let it go? Will you choose to push or will you choose to let it be? Will you choose to fall into victimhood or will you choose to take responsibility? Will you choose to grow or will you choose to stay stuck? Will you choose to open up your mind and heart or will you choose to stay separate? Will you choose acceptance or will you choose judgement? Will you choose freedom or you will you choose comparison? Will you choose love or will you choose fear? Will you choose life or will you choose hell? Will you choose power…

  • Love Is The End Image
    Mindfulness & Meditation

    Pain is the means, love is the end

    No matter what pain you may experience in your life it is because we need to remember unconditional love. Even when you hurt, try finding the undying love within you and emanate that love. You may ask “What’s the point of pain?”, “Why do we feel pain?”. I know I’ve asked these questions. The answer is: So that we remember. So that we remember that we are born with love, that we are love, that love is all. Pain is the means, love is the end. Love is the beginning, love is everything. Pain comes into our life so that we can find this deep place inside us where all the…

  • Your Feelings Are Valid Image
    Mindfulness & Meditation

    You and your feelings are valid

    Have you been told to stop being so emotional, so sensitive, so dramatic, to stop making such a big deal or fuss out of nothing? Have you felt like your feelings, the way you perceive the world, are being discredited all the time? Have you ended up doubting yourself and how you feel about things in general? It’s time we stop that nonsense and start raising the awareness. Being sensitive, emotional, an introvert, an empath, isn’t being a “less than”. It is who you are. It is who you are meant to be, it is enough, it is unique, it is beautiful and it is powerful. Your emotions are valid.…

  • Life's Challenges Image
    Mindfulness & Meditation

    Life and life’s challenges

    Life and life’s challenges is the inspiration for our creative expression in and our gifts to the world. Life’s drama is what’s fuelling our growth, our expansion, and evolution. Going through life’s challenges is what gives you the opportunity to realise your worth, your value, your confidence. Although I am dealing with adversity right now I do not feel mentally tired or overwhelmed. On the contrary, I feel inspired, fuelled, motivated, I draw inspiration and meaning out of the experience, I feel I am growing internally every minute with the experience and learning so much about myself, my strength, my power, my worth. Alchemy in its workings!!! I am finally…

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