manifesto (1)

Who I am:

I am a Feminine spiritual leader.

I am a Master of emotion.

I am a Self-awareness teacher.

What I do:

I see both the inner and the outer world and I unite them in work, relationships and life.

I shine light upon the darkness and shadows, and bring them to the surface to be transformed and integrated.

I lead you down the path of your emotions, unearthing what has been buried and I help you bring love to all your aspects so you can come back to completeness.

What I believe:

Creative expression is my way of being.

Courage is my religion.

Emotional freedom is my mission.

Wholeness is my purpose.

I am committed to:

You. Me. Humanity.

Join me on this journey of self-awareness and emotional mastery, of transforming and healing our life and world, of coming back to completeness and restoring balance within ourselves and our home planet Earth.

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