Hi Beautiful Friend,

I’m Vilina and this blog tells the story of my journey of healing and empowerment. I started writing soon after my sister died in 2015. The tragedy of her death served as my so-called initiation on the path of self-discovery and awareness.

The beginning of my sister’s sickness coincided with me becoming a mother. At the time of her death, my son was 2 years old and I was already struggling with panic attacks and anxiety. As my mental health deteriorated after her loss, depression and despair turned motherhood into an almost impossible task. 

I started writing in an attempt to channel my painful feelings and help myself wade through the darkness. My life was up for an examination and I took a deep dive into my inner world. I was determined to look at each corner of my psyche in the search of answers and truth.

It took about 5 years of soul-work to come to some realisations about my early childhood.

I recently started working with a psychotherapist who confirmed my “theory” that I was emotionally neglected as a child. More accurately, I was emotionally deprived which translates into consistently not having my emotional needs adequately met by my caregivers. 

Some of the effects of this childhood trauma and what I deal with on daily basis is struggling with low self-esteem, feelings of shame and defectiveness, aptitude towards self-sacrifice, people-pleasing, high standards and hyper-criticalness (inner and outer). 

I’ve tried a number of healing approaches such as counselling and psychotherapy, yoga and meditation, massage therapy and inner child work. I love additional healing tools such as astrology and tarot and I practice mindfulness and gratitude regularly. Most recently I started EMDR therapy and Schema Therapy (an elaborated form of CBT for deeper traumas).

In my spare-time I love to deepen my knowledge on trauma and mental health healing and recovery. I am fascinated with how our brains work and how complex we are as human beings. 

My passion and purpose are to help others heal from childhood trauma and to be an example that it is truly possible to have an authentic and empowered life. 

Thank you for being here, my friend!

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“Like a lotus flower growing from the mud and blooming towards the sky, I rise up from the pain of my past, healed and reborn.” ~ Vilina Christoph