“Like a lotus flower growing from the mud and blooming towards the sky, I rise up from the pain of my past healed and reborn.”

Vilina Christoph was conceived at a time when I was struggling with crippling conditions like depression, anxiety and panic attacks; I had just lost my sister to cancer and I was still grieving the death of my mother a few years earlier.

It felt like I was kidnapped from my own life – I was losing control and felt lost in a deep thick fog.

In the midst of the crisis my soul’s quiet voice was telling me it was all for a reason – this was my wake-up call.

As I was called to transform myself and redesign my life, I started untangling the story of my life. I looked into my childhood and upbringing and how they’d influenced my sense of self, I looked into past lives and traumas and how they’d permeated my life. I delved into astrology and psychology to seek and understand the deeper meaning off all. During my journey I’ve tried multiple modalities of healing, I’ve been meditating and doing yoga, and have slowly learned to tune into the voice of my soul and hear it clearly.

I realised my utter complexity – all the puzzle pieces of my own unique expression – and that gave me freedom. It gave me permission to be and allowed me to accept myself for who I am and love myself unconditionally.


“Life is a journey of awakening from the illusion of separateness and pain, of rising up from the pits of your past and healing from your wounds, of opening up to love and blossoming into oneness with all.”


My mission and desire is to help YOU heal. I want to serve as an example and show you that YOU can do it too. You are a powerful being and your voice and story matter. You are not alone!

I am passionate about the collective awakening of humankind, choosing and walking the path of healing and transformation. I am passionate about universal change, soul evolution and people empowerment. I am passionate about creating a heaven on earth for our children and living in harmony with mother Gaia and all fellow human beings.

The wave of collective change and expansion is rising up – are we going to be a part of it or are we going to let it wash us away?

My purpose with this blog is to encourage You to embark on your journey of healing, rediscovering yourself and reinventing your life.

By walking this path myself – of dying and being reborn, of falling and rising stronger, of coming up from the mud of my trauma and blossoming into my true authentic self – I can assure you that you can do it too. You can consciously choose to change what you don’t like and you can heal what is hurting you. You can transcend your pain and open to unconditional love. This IS the process of awakening and you are being asked to evolve.

We are responsible of our own lives and we are called to take ownership of our actions, beliefs, thoughts and attitudes. We are being held accountable for the wellbeing of our world and planet.

How long are we going to hold onto our comforts and habits out of fear and attachment?

The journey is long and could be a lonely one. But it is a blessed adventure. It is the only way and your path is unique. The road is treacherous but you have a reliable guide – your soul. You befriend your darkness, you integrate your wounds, you release your fears. You expand and merge with the eternity. You start meeting other travellers and you guide them on their own journeys.

We merge, we transcend, we are being born again. 

By sharing the heart and soul of my journey I hope to inspire you to take on the path of self-discovery, to heal yourself and transform your life, to awaken to your authentic, truest expression and find love for you and others again.

Are you ready to come out from the darkness and meet the light? If the answer is “yes”, I’ll be honoured to walk this path with you.

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