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    Autumn and the renewal of the soul: on priorities, anxiety and social media

      It is autumn out there. I have often wondered which season I like better – spring or autumn. In my home country Bulgaria every season is beautifully defined and we’ve got all four of them there. In my country of living Ireland we don’t always get all the seasons throughout the year but we can definitely get all of them in a single day! After being in Ireland for 8 years I have come to resent the summers and absolutely love the autumns. Summers often turn out cold and grey, and disappointing. On the other hand, autumns are warm, sunny and gorgeously colourful. Now I know autumn is my…

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    Healing & Recovery

    Soul Searching

      How did I get here? How did my consciousness and awareness come to this point? It is interesting to go back a bit and mention my old posts again, from two years ago. I can notice a lot of things I am writing to be really close to an intuition which is even stronger today. I was subconsciously touching on some points which today are well developed in my mind. They are much clearer and defined, and that’s because I am conscious about these things. I have read and researched them, and in a way I know what’s going on. I have to say that I am getting most of this…