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The Rise of the Feminine and the next stage of my spiritual journey

Hello beautiful people at the new Vilina Christoph site! You can read my earlier announcement here.

You might’ve noticed that I haven’t posted for the last couple of months. Truth is that this next stage of my spiritual journey has been brewing and hatching.

In particular, I moved my blog over from the cosy and automated world of WordPress.com to an independents host which gives me more freedom. The move was ripe since I’ve been planning it for months and just last week it was the right time for that change. Your experience as a reader won’t change but if you’ve been following my journey you will notice some conceptual changes at Vilina Christoph.

For the last five years my personal spiritual journey has been evolving continually and I’ve been through multiple transformations. This is again one small death of the old so the new can emerge. The next stage of my path has been revealed to me.

I feel called by the Divine Feminine.

I’ve been “summoned” on this particular stage of my path to raise awareness about the healing of the Sacred Feminine and its divine expression in each of us. The concept is still shaping in my mind and you will witness the progress of it. For now I can say that my whole being is drawn towards it and its many aspects, on which I’ll be sharing more.

I feel a strong urge to connect, to immerse, to surrender myself to this element of spirituality. I know for sure that the Sacred Feminine is Rising right now and has never been so truly present in our world.

After years of suppression and purposefully being hidden from our awareness, Sophia (The Feminine counterpart of Christ) is resurrecting.

I also know She has been coming to many women, more than ever before, and perhaps you are one of them. I honour and celebrate you for being here!

For the last few months I felt the urge to get into my body more – to drop the mental aspects of my healing and surrender to my body wisdom. I felt the urge to start dancing as a way of moving my body and express myself more freely. I also felt the desire to sync my body rhythms with the Moon phases and connect on a deeper level with Nature and Earth.

I’ve been tracking my period and have been offering my blood to the earth and my plants. I’m also drawn to some of the most feminine symbols such as roses, the moon, vibrant red colour; wearing long skirts and dresses, dancing, and connecting with women in sacred circles.

It is all very new to me and I face the challenges every day but I’ve made the vow to be courageous and conscious in my life!

These are only some outward expressions of the Feminine journey but nevertheless they are necessary steps to unlocking “the sleeping beauty” inside. Awakening the feminine energy within us – our sensuality and sexuality, will awaken the life force of creation that lays dormant in all of us in the area of our wombs (the hara in men), or the sacral chakra.

My wish for this next stage of my healing journey is to awaken the Wild Wise Woman (and the Wise Man) in you too! Perhaps you feel her already, perhaps you sense something is stirring up in you. Perhaps you’ve always known she’s there, perhaps you’ve been led to this page and you’re just beginning your journey. Wherever you are on your path, you’re part of the rise of the Feminine and She is part of you.

Let’s journey together beautiful!

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Vilina Christoph is a spiritual writer and uses the power of words to help others on their journey of healing and recovery. She distills challenging life experiences into meaningful lessons and practical wisdom. She believes that finding our voices and speaking our truth empowers us to transform our lives and reach long-lasting fulfillment.

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