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    The Rise of the Feminine and the next stage of my spiritual journey

    Hello beautiful people at the new Vilina Christoph site! You can read my earlier announcement here. You might’ve noticed that I haven’t posted for the last couple of months. Truth is that this next stage of my spiritual journey has been brewing and hatching. In particular, I moved my blog over from the cosy and automated world of WordPress.com to an independents host which gives me more freedom. The move was ripe since I’ve been planning it for months and just last week it was the right time for that change. Your experience as a reader won’t change but if you’ve been following my journey you will notice some conceptual changes at…

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    Trauma Healing

    Sacred Mothering: how to be a soulful mother on a spiritual path

    For a long time I’ve lived two separate lives – a life of an unfolding spiritual journey and purpose and a life as an everyday mother, partner and housewife. The first one happens mostly within me and I get to share it here with you, my readers and online friends, but I don’t express much outwardly in my day-to-day doings. The second life happens in the hours when I’m not working on myself or writing down my discoveries and realisations – it happens when I pick up my son from kindergarten and we spend the afternoons together outside or at home. Those two lives sometimes clash with each other and…

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    Trauma Healing

    On femininity: breathwork exercise and a mother’s message

    A few sessions ago during my Inner Child Therapy we did a breathwork exercise. It wasn’t exactly what I was thinking it would be at the beginning. I thought it would be more of a shamanic breathwork – quickened breathing that makes you lightheaded and you go into a state of trance. What we did was different – the breathing wasn’t too fast but we kept it going for about 40 minutes at least, I was also lying on the ground and first I was doing a specific movement with my back/hips and then with my legs. It appeared that this is actually a tantric practice. But it didn’t have anything to…

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    A message from the goddess Isis

    Last night I picked a card from my Goddess Guidance oracle cards. I picked Isis – Past Life: Your roots upon this planet are strong and deep, and some of the roots have anchored you in past memories from faraway times. These roots have anchored you so deeply, in fact, that you’re paralyzed when it comes to moving forward. I’ve called your attention to this condition so that you may  unearth and uproot past memories. Some times you bury those memories to shield yourself from psychic pain or embarrassment, so you won’t remember those awkward moments when life tested you to the maximum. Reveal those lessons to yourself now, strong sorceress,…