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Trauma Healing

Heal yourself, heal the world

Most of us know the popular quote:

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~ Ghandi

More and more we start realising that this really is the truth. 

On my journey of healing, more and more I start to understand that by healing myself, I make a change in the world, and the world itself heals.

Digging deeper and deeper in my own pain and trauma has led me to realise that I’m not only healing my personal wounds. In fact, my wounds are wounds that many of us share; they’re wounds that have been passed from generation to generation, throughout the history of humankind.

These are wounds of the collective psyche of humanity.

Following this trail we soon find out that every single act of healing – the surfacing, witnessing/reliving and releasing of a blocked emotion (trauma) – creates a reverberating wave of healing that goes all the way back and forth throughout humanity’s past and future.

To illustrate this more fully, consider that time is a “product” of our 3-dimensional world e.g. time doesn’t really exist. Beyond our human material world, everything is energy and there’s only now. We are energy beings living on a material plane. Every emotion we feel is energy. When the energy is stuck, repressed, unprocessed, it creates dis-balance and dis-ease not only in our lives but also collectively. When we release the blockage, we not only “cure” ourselves but also heal the collective energy field.

It doesn’t matter when it occurs but it does affect everybody on energy level.

Instantly, we recognise how important it is to do our own healing. And also, that if we really want to see a change in our world, we need to start with ourselves, from within.

As I went deeper in my personal healing work, I tapped into the collective pain of our species. It was no longer about me and my journey. I realised the immensity and importance of this work. Yes, my own life is important too and I take my work seriously but this was even bigger. I felt an obligation. And also the dire need for our collective healing.

It is absolutely crucial that we do our own work and heal our pain.

Not only it is our responsibility but we see the positive effects too. The more healed and whole we are, the more mentally and physically healthy our children are. The more healing we do, the more compassion we find towards our friends and surroundings. The deeper we go in our healing, the bigger leaps we take in our evolution as a species.

I believe we can all see the dire state of our precious planet and fragile ecosystem, of our haggard human society and spirit. The reason that we don’t see change is that we don’t know what to do, or don’t believe we can make a change. And it truly is mind-boggling – if we look externally at the outside circumstances, we’ll quickly despair and give up.

This is why we need to look within first. We need to take our eyes off everything around us.

We need to start from inside of us.

And not unlike our external world, our inner world can be scary and confusing, dark and unwelcoming at first. But know that there’s hope if you choose to take the path of healing. The battle isn’t lost but we all have to show up and cut through our fears.

And should I mention that the rewards will be great? I think you can imagine this yourself!

May you realise that you’re a powerful being and that you can make a change. Namaste, Vilina


Vilina Christoph is a spiritual writer and uses the power of words to help others on their journey of healing and recovery. She distills challenging life experiences into meaningful lessons and practical wisdom. She believes that finding our voices and speaking our truth empowers us to transform our lives and reach long-lasting fulfillment.

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