• Setting Free From Past Image
    Healing & Evolution

    Setting ourselves free from the pain of the past

    I’ve spent a good deal of time digging up my past, exploring my psyche and searching for answers and truth. I found a lot of pain, sadness, hurt and sorrow. Not only that, of course, but I’ve been focused mainly on the difficult aspects since I wanted to heal them and release myself from the emotional prison I’ve lived in my whole life. For the first part of our life we don’t realise any of this, we simply act out these painful aspects of our past that were lodged into our subconscious. Sooner or later something happens to us to wake us up, become aware and heal the pain that’s…

  • Accepting Our Shadow Image
    Healing & Evolution

    Accepting our shadow as a way back to wholeness

    The key to joyful happy full life is the acceptance of all of yourself. It was C.G. Jung who first developed the concept of the “shadow” – we all have parts of ourselves that we would rather hide than show to ourselves or the world. These are those qualities we deem “unacceptable” due to many reasons – perhaps our parents told us that such and such people are bad, or to be this and this is wrong. Or it was our culture and community we grew up in that portrayed certain characteristics in a negative way. At a very early age, we learn to disassociate from these qualities in ourselves…

  • Memoir Five

    Memoir: Five

    When my sister rang me on the morning of October 15, 2010, to tell me our mom had just passed away, I was just going out to work. It was Friday, our busiest day in the restaurant. I wish I would’ve stayed at home but I knew I had to show up for everyone else plus I wasn’t sure if I was able to stay by myself with the news. All the way down to work I was rationalising the traumatic event – “it’s better that she didn’t suffer long”, “she’s better there”, “her pain is over”. I couldn’t possible imagine what it meant for me – the death of my…

  • Heal Yourself Image
    Healing & Evolution

    Heal yourself, heal the world

    Most of us know the popular quote: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~ Ghandi More and more we start realising that this really is the truth.  On my journey of healing, more and more I start to understand that by healing myself, I make a change in the world, and the world itself heals. Digging deeper and deeper in my own pain and trauma has led me to realise that I’m not only healing my personal wounds. In fact, my wounds are wounds that many of us share; they’re wounds that have been passed from generation to generation, throughout the history of humankind. These are…

  • Moon Phases Image
    Healing & Evolution,  Sacred Femininity & Womanhood

    Working with the moon, its energy and phases

    It has been a few months since I started paying closer attention to the Moon and its phases. It is well known that the Moon has great effect on our planet and especially its water bodies. And since our human bodies are made mostly of water, it’s no wonder that our lives are influenced by its motions too. The two most known moon phases are Full Moon and New Moon, but we also have quarter moons in between. Overall, there are four main moon stages, each one of them lasting about a week. If you start following these cycles, you will soon find a recurrent pattern in your physical disposition, your…

  • Memoir Four

    Memoir: Four

    Since my son was born I lived in fear, fear of the final news. I started having anxiety and panic attacks. I would become short of breath out of the blue and wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. I could just try to catch my breath, get control over it. But it didn’t always work. This continued two years. I’ve missed so many moments of my son’s first two years. I simply couldn’t enjoy it, I was haunted by death every moment since he was born. I remember the pivotal moments of the first outing, first solid foods, first steps, first words, but anything in between is mostly…

  • Waving Goodbye Image
    Healing & Evolution

    Waving goodbye to the past

    I feel the last few years are catching up with me. Many feelings are coming up to the surface for first time to be illuminated. Things I realise for a first time ever. Things sometimes too grave. My life for the past 4 years has been grave in many ways. Not only, of course, but mostly. I realise now that as soon as my relationship with my partner began, it was stifled almost in the bud. Uninvited visitors, like death, grief, anxiety, came along and didn’t leave much of a space for us to breathe as a new family. My love for my partner was suffocated. My love for my…

  • Working With Crystals Image
    Healing & Evolution

    Using crystals to access the subconscious and heal deep wounds

    The last month and a half I disappeared from the blogging space. I didn’t have much to say, my mind was fuzzy and I felt tired most of the time. I went very internal and even though I didn’t know what was going on with me I trusted the process and was patient with was unfolding. Just recently I realised that this time was Scorpio season. I won’t get into details but I have a lot of Scorpio in my birth chart – it’s not a coincidence that personal transformation is one of my favourite subjects. What also resides in this element of the zodiac for me, is a little…

  • Dear Beautiful You Image
    Mindfulness & Meditation

    Dear beautiful you

    Dear, I love you! I cherish you! I thank you for being the vessel for my soul! You are beautiful, you are worthy, you are precious! You deserve to be happy, you deserve to follow your dreams, you deserve to honour your path. You don’t have to hold on to the past, you do not need to keep the painful memories, you do not need to suffer anymore. You don’t have to be unhappy because someone else is unhappy, you do not need to commiserate with their pain. That won’t help ease their pain, that won’t make them feel better. You have the right to put your needs first, you…

  • You Are Not Alone Image
    Mindfulness & Meditation

    You’re not alone in your pain

    I’m crying but I’m happy. I’m happy because in the depths of my soul I am happy, happier than I’ve ever been. But I’m also crying and that’s because I’m crying out all the pain my mother, my sister, all the women in my family, and all the women in the world for centuries had felt. But I’m happy because I’m shifting all that pain. I’m crying because they couldn’t transform the pain, they felt it and lived with it till their very last breath. But I’m happy because they will be free, I am setting them, myself and the future generations free, now. From all that couldn’t be said,…

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