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New Beginnings 2.0

Hello again! I wanted to touch base with you all since it’s been a while.

I’m back at my home country, this time with all the members of my small gang.

We did take a big trip across Europe – from Ireland to Bulgaria. It took us two weeks to drive from the most western country to the most eastern country, considered parts of Europe. We drove and took two ferries – one from Ireland to the UK and from there to the Netherlands. From then on we passed through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. We were spending two nights in each city we visited, namely Rotterdam, Cologne, Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade and Sofia (one night only). On our way we also stopped in Frankfurt and Salzburg.

It was an incredible feeling to wake up every day for two weeks and look forward to exploring new places, meeting new people, trying out different things (and facing some fears).

It was an adventure that will be framed in my memories till the end of my days and would be something I would want to repeat again and again. Ah.. sweet memories.

Here, in my granny’s house, we’ve found some peace and quiet until the time is ripe to make our next step. You may know that we’ve sold the house in Ireland and after lots of back and forward decision making we decided to leave Ireland, at least for a while, and try our luck elsewhere. 

It was sad to leave and say goodbyes – it was like nobody really thought that would ever happen. But also, much more importantly, we took this as our clean break. We needed to brake away from the old patterns and habits and totally reconstruct our lives.

It’s time to take my life in my hands and have a life. And our life as a family also. It’s all bound to change and evolve.

For a first time in many (nine) years I will spend Christmas with my family (or what’s left from it). And I’ll have my peoples with me. For a first time ever a bridge will be drawn between two very different worlds, cultures and ideals. But not too different. My partner and my son will have the opportunity to get to know a part of myself that I’ve unconsciously hid and suppressed for so long, so wrongfully long…..

But the line is drawn and we’re making Bulgaria our new home, and I’m making it my home once again.

Many of my friends (and my family) can’t understand my motivation and comprehend “why on earth are we coming/going to Bulgaria”? Some of my friends have even advised me against it, understandably so from the point of view of somebody that has lived in Bulgaria all their life and have seen the worst of it.

And I’ve seen the worst of it too but now I’ve seen the worst of something else as well – living as an immigrant in a foreign country. Or simply, being uprooted from everything you call home and having to deal with this on your own.

And to clarify, I didn’t even made the decision on the base of being homesick and missing my country. I’ve battled that feeling long and have tamed it to a degree where I didn’t feel Bulgarian anymore.

But it will be true if I say that something just drew me back, it was a pull I felt on some level, nothing I can explain with logic. In fact, the vision in my head was so strong I could describe the exact life that I want, that I am living.

I once read in a book something about change and moving from one place to another. It said it isn’t good to move or change location just as a means of escaping, believing that moving somewhere else and being there (not here in this moment/place and dealing with what you need to) will solve whatever the issue is. It also said that you would know where to move to, it would be like this place needs you and your presence is almost required there (to do whatever you need to do). It’s hard to explain but I’m hoping you get the sense.

The decision to move back to Bulgaria wasn’t rational although it was backed with plenty of rational reasons and a solid plan as well. And this is how (soul) evolution happens. That’s all I can say for now.

What does change look like for you? Do you feel there’s more to life? Let me know in the comments.


Vilina Christoph is a spiritual writer and uses the power of words to help others on their journey of healing and recovery. She distills challenging life experiences into meaningful lessons and practical wisdom. She believes that finding our voices and speaking our truth empowers us to transform our lives and reach long-lasting fulfillment.


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