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    Trauma Healing

    A solo adventure and a glance into a past life

    Over the weekend I went to an event. It was one of these “random” things you find knowing they have showed up to you for a reason. It consisted of a talk and a group meditation led by a professional regressionist. We discussed the subjects of regression, past lives, reincarnations, ego, soul evolution, and more. After that we did a 40 minute meditation bringing us back to a past life. First of all, I really was scared of going by myself. First I got a friend of mine to join but then she cancelled. I knew I had to do this, not giving up on the opportunity, by myself. These…

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    Trauma Healing

    New Beginnings 2.0

    Hello again! I wanted to touch base with you all since it’s been a while. I’m back at my home country, this time with all the members of my small gang. We did take a big trip across Europe – from Ireland to Bulgaria. It took us two weeks to drive from the most western country to the most eastern country, considered parts of Europe. We drove and took two ferries – one from Ireland to the UK and from there to the Netherlands. From then on we passed through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. We were spending two nights in each city we visited, namely Rotterdam, Cologne, Munich, Vienna, Budapest,…