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    Trauma Healing

    Moving towards joy

    Recently I’ve been feeling the need to move away from trauma and focus more on joy. And what that internal feeling symbolises is that my being is ready to shift from one vibration to another. I am aligning myself with the vibration of joy. Until now, even if I’ve wanted more joy in my life and tried to attain it, I wasn’t aligned with it vibrationally since I was anchored in a lot of pain. For the last two years I’ve been actively soul-searching and self-querying. This month is full two years since I came back to writing after a long pause. Since then I’ve done major inner excavation work.…

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    Here and now: being grateful for another year

    Happy New Year 2017! This is a year which numerologically is a year 1 (2+0+1+7=10=1): new beginnings, new stories, new creations and changes on individual level, and more or less globally. The focus is being turned within, not outside of us. Internally we will find the power and courage to change what doesn’t serve us externally. By turning to our cores and setting up a life that supports our values, we will externally project love, strength and unconditional intention to better our collective world. Don’t be afraid (or feeling guilty) to look into you and be committed to your own process of enlightenment. Your light needs to be fostered, nurtured…

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    New Beginnings 2.0

    Hello again! I wanted to touch base with you all since it’s been a while. I’m back at my home country, this time with all the members of my small gang. We did take a big trip across Europe – from Ireland to Bulgaria. It took us two weeks to drive from the most western country to the most eastern country, considered parts of Europe. We drove and took two ferries – one from Ireland to the UK and from there to the Netherlands. From then on we passed through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. We were spending two nights in each city we visited, namely Rotterdam, Cologne, Munich, Vienna, Budapest,…

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    Trauma Healing

    Learning to trust: connecting to our inner wisdom

    In February I wrote about the small steps that me and my family are taking, and the changes coming from that. Now, a few months later, things are still moving forward and there’s much progress. In this post I’d like to revisit and recap all that started at the beginning of this year. Perhaps the most significant area in our lives as a family was our housing situation. The house we live in and are taking care of is about to be announced for sale. When my partner’s grant aunt died earlier in January we knew our boat is to be rocked. But we’ve already started on the process of getting…

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    Taking the first steps

    The first steps have been taken. In fact, we’ve been making them for the last few weeks. We’ve been decluttering our house constantly and continually – we’ve brought tens of bags to the charity shops (plus small furniture items), we’ve recycled a couple of bags with old and unused electronics, and we’ve managed to put aside a couple of hundred euros from selling stuff. The house feels lighter and calmer. So do we – our small family of three. I mentioned last time that we’re taking care of the house (about 3 1/2 years now) while the owner, my partner’s grant aunt, is slowly winding down in a nursing home. Well,…

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    The beginning of a new journey: embracing minimalism

    Last time I finished with the promise to tell you what little steps I’ve made recently. What these new breaths of life were inspired by? But first, a teeny bit of a preface. I’ve always been quite organized and orderly with my surroundings. I love clean surfaces and tidy spaces. I’m a fan of decluttering! I didn’t realise this trait in me until I moved in with my partner in our new place a few years ago. The truth is, though, that this place isn’t ours, it’s my partner’s grant aunt’s place, and we’re taking care of it while she’s slowly winding down in a nursing home. We are immensely grateful…

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    Trauma Healing

    A new breath of life

    Well, it’s been a while… Too many things are happening and too little, I’ve got loads of things I want to write about and share. Funny enough, I’m not getting frustrated at all, as what I would normally do. I do in fact enjoy savouring and simmering (2 of my new favourite words) all the thoughts, ideas, information bits and bytes I’ve gathered along the last few weeks. This is a slow down time for my zodiac sign Virgo and all Virgonians, as we’re hosting two planets in a retrograde mode. Mercury and Jupiter are both slowing us down and giving us the chance to re-think, re-consider, re-organise – you get…