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Working with the moon, its energy and phases

It has been a few months since I started paying closer attention to the Moon and its phases. It is well known that the Moon has great effect on our planet and especially its water bodies. And since our human bodies are made mostly of water, it’s no wonder that our lives are influenced by its motions too.

The two most known moon phases are Full Moon and New Moon, but we also have quarter moons in between. Overall, there are four main moon stages, each one of them lasting about a week.

If you start following these cycles, you will soon find a recurrent pattern in your physical disposition, your emotional wellbeing, your drive or lack of, your social preferences, etc. You will understand that you’re a highly changeable being and that is perfectly normal.

Everything in life is cyclical and so are we.

As the popular saying goes,

“The only thing that is constant is change” ~ Heraclitus

What is interesting about the moon phases is that they fall in different astrological signs every time. The Moon circulates around in the sky and each Full or New Moon falls into a specific sign. When you start following these cycles too, you’ll have even a clearer understanding of what is happening on macro (collective) and micro (individual) level.

Overall, it could be extremely compelling and satisfying experience because you can work with specific energies being highlighted by each moon phase and sign.

Over the weekend, we had a New Moon in Pisces. A new moon is in reality a dark moon. Since the moon only reflects light from the sun, we can’t see it because it falls in its own shadow e.g. blocks the light coming from the sun and from the earth we don’t see it.

The energies during a Dark Moon (and going into a new moon) are symbolised by the darkness itself. During this phase we need to turn our eyes inwards and look inside our inner, invisible world. The New Moon represents new beginnings and a fresh start for us, a time to set our goals and intentions.

The best analogy is that with the seed. When we plant a seed in the soil, it spends time in darkness germinating before it surfaces above-ground and produces fruit.

We need to do the same during the phase of the dark and new moon. In order to see our intentions and wishes blossoming into reality, we need to spend some time tending to the soil, which is our internal world. And then plant those seeds. 

The sign of Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune. You might know that Neptune is the Greek sea god – ruler of the waters. Also, water represents our emotions and emotional world.  Emotions can run very deep, often we might be unaware of the depth they may reach. Sometimes we can feel drowned in our own feelings of sadness, despair, or grief.

Having the New Moon in the sign of Pisces can send u deep down into the depths of our emotional (under)world. This could be a good thing if we know how to swim and navigate the waters. Certainly, we need the proper tools and skills, or we get lost underwater never to reach the surface again.

During this phase I was able to reach deeper into buried traumas and blocked emotions. I could feel the collective pain of many. I felt my own pain but also understood this is a pain we all carry. I witnessed the part of our collective psyche that has been abused, violated and victimised.

It wasn’t beautiful, or easy, but by feeling the painful emotions we once repressed in order to survive, we actually transform, heal and release them. We are no longer bound to their weight of power over us. We reclaim our own power and sovereignty of our lives.

I hope this post has given you some insight into how to work with the phases and energies of the moon and the astrology principles. These are my own interpretations and experiences of observing personal and collective themes of healing.

May you realise your power as a sovereign being over your life. With love, Vilina


Vilina Christoph is a spiritual writer and uses the power of words to help others on their journey of healing and recovery. She distills challenging life experiences into meaningful lessons and practical wisdom. She believes that finding our voices and speaking our truth empowers us to transform our lives and reach long-lasting fulfillment.

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