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    Trauma Healing

    Working with the moon, its energy and phases

    It has been a few months since I started paying closer attention to the Moon and its phases. It is well known that the Moon has great effect on our planet and especially its water bodies. And since our human bodies are made mostly of water, it’s no wonder that our lives are influenced by its motions too. The two most known moon phases are Full Moon and New Moon, but we also have quarter moons in between. Overall, there are four main moon stages, each one of them lasting about a week. If you start following these cycles, you will soon find a recurrent pattern in your physical disposition, your…

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    Trauma Healing

    Coming full circle

    Last time I mentioned I couldn’t wait for my holidays away from the city and all that has been happening for the last few months. Now, it’s been two weeks into August and I’m just starting to feel some sort of relief and relaxation. It was somewhat hectic and messy so far actually. My son and I are currently staying in my granny’s house where we spent our winter with my partner just after we moved from Ireland to Bulgaria and before we moved to the capital. My father was also here but left today and the house has quietened down a bit, hence being able to write. My son…

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    Trauma Healing

    The choice is yours

    Will you choose to grumble or will you choose to let it go? Will you choose to push or will you choose to let it be? Will you choose to fall into victimhood or will you choose to take responsibility? Will you choose to grow or will you choose to stay stuck? Will you choose to open up your mind and heart or will you choose to stay separate? Will you choose acceptance or will you choose judgement? Will you choose freedom or you will you choose comparison? Will you choose love or will you choose fear? Will you choose life or will you choose hell? Will you choose power…