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A new breath of life

Well, it’s been a while… Too many things are happening and too little, I’ve got loads of things I want to write about and share. Funny enough, I’m not getting frustrated at all, as what I would normally do. I do in fact enjoy savouring and simmering (2 of my new favourite words) all the thoughts, ideas, information bits and bytes I’ve gathered along the last few weeks.

This is a slow down time for my zodiac sign Virgo and all Virgonians, as we’re hosting two planets in a retrograde mode. Mercury and Jupiter are both slowing us down and giving us the chance to re-think, re-consider, re-organise – you get the idea. These periods are generally great for re-assessing and doing everything with the prefix re. Steer clear from making decisions and acting on them but rather plan, plan, plan (and be patient). If you’re interested to read more on the subject, I’ll suggest you head over to the Astro Twins, where I get my weekly doses of astro inspiration.

Both of these cycles started in the first week of January – Mercury turned backward on the 5th for 3 weeks, and Jupiter followed 2 days later and will be trotting in minion steps in Virgo till the beginning of May.

Surprisingly and amazingly (actually not!) this entirely fits into my 1) mood and mode for the moment, and 2) my greater plans for the year. I’ve learned to be attuned enough to these planetary shifts and often recognise the influences. Nearly every time I go to read a horoscope (I go to the same people) – I am amazed how accurate they are. Then I remember that it’s not the astrologers that are so good at guessing, because what they do is simply read and interpret the stars, but it’s me that also reads that energy and internalise it. It’s quite amazing, if you think about it, to be aligned with the cosmic vibes so that you experience less friction and frustration.

During the cycle of retrograde Mercury (the planet-ruler of all Virgos) I haven’t had much time to write. I signed up for the Blogging University and their course Blogging 101 which runs for three weeks, starting Jan 4th. I’d suggest you check it out because even though I didn’t have a chance to focus on my writing, I did a whole lot of other things related to my blog. The most important is that you’re presented to and are part of a community, and you can easily find interesting people and blogs. I didn’t follow each assignment every day but I selected the ones appropriate for where I am with my blog. I also learned about some great features within WordPress how to enhance your blog. Things I’ve so far ignored and never went near to because I didn’t know what they are.

Bottom line is that I couldn’t focus on what I wanted to write about but gained knowledge and made new connections with bloggers, and now I’m so inspired and full of ideas I want to share with you. I’m absolutely craving to write. Abstaining from writing for a couple of weeks has made me so much more eager and keen to write. So much so that I have to write all this in a post to get me going to the stuff I want to write about (if you know what I mean 😉 ).

The most important thing that happened in these weeks is that I believe I have embarked on a new journey. On a journey my soul has been craving for the last 3 years and more. A journey that is barely an outline at the moment. But a journey that is a life changing experience.

In my head it is big and vague and unclear and with an unknown end. Of course. But I’ll tell you what – you don’t actually have to even know all these things. At the moment all I know is that it is a time for change. For myself, I know I’ve stayed and waited and I was patient. And strangely enough, I’m still patient. I used to get super excited and unable to hold my emotions and utterly exhaust myself. Know I’m calm, and I’m confident. I feel the urge but I can contain it and internalise it. And that gives me an energetic charge from within, and makes me happier and stronger. I presume that’s what is also called a Quiet Confidence. This is what I feel.

And to be honest with you, we don’t feel that all the time. I know I didn’t, but I also know why. And that’s because we’re often lost, or at least it has happened once or twice in our lives. I put my hand on my heart and share with you that my life for the last 3 years has been a blinding fog. A lot of lovely things happened, no doubt, along even more not so lovely things. But the point is that sometimes in your life you enter those black holes where you simply can’t foresee what’s gonna come your way even a split second from now. You’re simply trapped in this damp place. You’re simply doing what you’re doing without any perspective of time or space.

And of course that’s fine, and actually it’s not a bad thing. As long as you can keep the perspective in your mind that this is not forever, and moreover you have a lot to learn from this experience. Of course, I’m saying all this because I can finally see the flickering light, I’m coming out of it, perhaps soon but not yet. But I can see ahead and I can see behind. And I can make up my mind. I can actually get in touch with my desires and needs and feelings.

I know what I want. And last year I didn’t. I had no clue. To give you a sample – last year with my partner we were thinking of buying a house , but now we’re thinking of selling everything we can and going on a life-changing pilgrimage.

And I still don’t know how or when or what exactly that experience will be.

I will simply trust my inner voice and the voices beyond because, believe me, they know it all, if we’d only listen!

Next time I’ll tell you what little steps I made towards that new journey.

What has the new year brought you? Can you see your near future? And do you know what you want of it? Share in the comments!


Vilina Christoph is a spiritual writer and uses the power of words to help others on their journey of healing and recovery. She distills challenging life experiences into meaningful lessons and practical wisdom. She believes that finding our voices and speaking our truth empowers us to transform our lives and reach long-lasting fulfillment.


  • dfolstad58

    I like that you are in tune with your moodschedule or cycles. Myself in have found that I have change and try new things in autumn. Quiet confidence – I love that.

    • Vilina Christoph

      Thanks for your words! Yes, autumn is great for new beginnings as well. I believe every season carries a new feeling with it, it’s so much better if we follow those moods and vibes within ourselves and our lives. And yes, Quiet Confidence as a state is where I strive to be most of the time now.

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