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    Trauma Healing

    Finding your authentic blend of expression

    Do you sometimes wonder who you are? I often catch myself thinking: “I want to know what my life purpose is!” Who am I? Why am I here? What am I here to do? I’m telling you it can quickly get very tiring and overwhelming. But still I wonder. You see, there’s this part of me that simply wishes to transcend the material. In other words, there’s this deep knowing that the material aspect of our life isn’t the full and whole picture. There’s so much more to our existence. And I just can’t put up with serving only to my material needs. Actually, I tent to ignore my physical…

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    New Beginnings 2.0

    Hello again! I wanted to touch base with you all since it’s been a while. I’m back at my home country, this time with all the members of my small gang. We did take a big trip across Europe – from Ireland to Bulgaria. It took us two weeks to drive from the most western country to the most eastern country, considered parts of Europe. We drove and took two ferries – one from Ireland to the UK and from there to the Netherlands. From then on we passed through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. We were spending two nights in each city we visited, namely Rotterdam, Cologne, Munich, Vienna, Budapest,…

  • Trips and Insights From Around Bulgaria
    Trauma Healing

    Trips and insights from around Bulgaria

    Since I’ve already touched upon the subject of astrology in my previous post, I’ll confess that while in Bulgaria I went to see a professional astrologer. It was my first time ever doing this and a third time ever spending money on something like it – I’ve seen a regression therapist and clairvoyant once. She was a lovely lady – very emotional, expressive, loud and real. That’s why I love these people – because they’re real with no inhibitions whatsoever. It went to the extend of even being dramatic and quite funny – I laughed with my heart open while she was “giving out” to me for having to plan…

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    September astrology vibes and dives

    Once the month of September arrives I’m all into diving deep in astrology. Last year around that time started my astro-journey. I opened the first of many books that I read in the consequent months. My curiosity and amazement of this subject has deepened every day since then. These days I’m reading about my six-year long perspectives and also one year planetary transits. And I’m fascinated. But not only with the accuracy of these reports. The modern astrology doesn’t just give us facts and dates of things that will happen. No, this isn’t really the meaning of astrology. Today astrologers look into the overall themes in our lives based on…

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    Trauma Healing

    My dance with astrology: on anger, revolutionaries and colouring

    I have meant to write an article on astrology, what it means for me, and what I’ve figured learning about it. I should say I have near zero experience with astrology and do not claim to be even an astrology student. But I did read a few books and one lead me to the other. I started with trying to understand my birth chart with all its aspects, and I finished (for the time being) with the understanding that this chart is a star map about my current lifetime which my soul have chosen and written for me in order to experience certain things. And the same applies to you, to…