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    Healing & Recovery

    My Pain is My Power

    Two weeks ago I started seeing a therapist. During the two times we met, we talked and went over the details of my past. We started with memories from my childhood and moved towards the more recent past. We made a plan – a timeline of particularly traumatic experiences and we’re going to work with each memory and event separately. I haven’t had the opportunity to talk freely about my past and everything that has happened so far. I had a brief experience of therapy back in Ireland right after my sister died but at the time, I had no idea of the magnitude of traumatic stress I was experiencing.…

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    Healing & Recovery

    “If I only could make them happy…”

    My inner journey of healing and discovery is reaching a turning point. For the past 5 years, I’ve been digging and going deeper and more inward like it was my job. And it was my full-time job – I’ve taken this task of nurturing self-understanding and awareness so seriously, it became my primary focus and priority. Layer by layer, I’ve been stripping old programmes, paradigms, and conditioning. I was determined to get to the core of things, to the root of all pain and ailments, emotional and psychological. Last year in September, I stumbled upon one piece of the puzzle – my mother had suffered from a mental condition and…

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    Healing & Recovery

    How relationships help us heal and transform

    Will you define your relationships with people as good? Or do you think you can do better? Have you ever wondered why are relationships so tricky? I recently watched a talk which shed some very needed light on this question. Relationships are a tool, with a big T. They are an instrument. They are a mirror. They are an opportunity for us to heal our wounds. Furthermore, they are the only way for us to continue growing and evolving, as human beings and as souls. When we choose to enter a relationship in the material plane, on a soul level we have already signed a contract with this particular soul to experience some learning and growth. Our mutual purpose is…