• How childhood trauma robs away your power image
    Healing & Recovery

    How childhood trauma robs your power away and how to take it back

    This summer I spent about a month at my father’s house with my son. It wasn’t our first time and, as I’d expected, it was tumultuous. A part of me knew it was time to stand up to some of the dysfunction in my family of origin and confront it. I could only hope that this experience was going to bring me some resolutions and it would prove empowering. And it did. For the first week or so the usual, generations-old, themes of guilt and shame, insecurity and inadequacy were saturating the air until it came to a boil. There were tears and screaming, anger and pain – suppressed emotions and…

  • How Relationships Help us Heal and Transform Image
    Healing & Recovery

    How relationships help us heal and transform

    Will you define your relationships with people as good? Or do you think you can do better? Have you ever wondered why are relationships so tricky? I recently watched a talk which shed some very needed light on this question. Relationships are a tool, with a big T. They are an instrument. They are a mirror. They are an opportunity for us to heal our wounds. Furthermore, they are the only way for us to continue growing and evolving, as human beings and as souls. When we choose to enter a relationship in the material plane, on a soul level we have already signed a contract with this particular soul to experience some learning and growth. Our mutual purpose is…