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    Trauma Healing

    Honouring how far we have come

    The last couple of weeks have been intense.When we first settled in a small town in the north of Bulgaria everything was new and exciting. Christmas was coming, the snow came too (lots of snow), and we started settling into our routine of starting the fire in the morning, cooking brekkie, going out for a walk and play in the park, shopping in the local grocery store, more cooking… you get the point. It was peaceful, calm, fairy-tale like. My mind managed to calm down so much and I started smiling and laughing, and basically feeling happy with all my heart. It was like I was released from something restricting…

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    Trauma Healing

    Being the gods that we are

    A lot has happened the last couple of weeks. Perhaps the most important announcement to make is that I started visiting a psychotherapist, for the first time in my life! This week was our forth meeting and I’m liking it! I believe my therapist enjoys our conversations too. I feel good about it and the most significant thing is that I’m getting support that I’ve never experienced in my life before! And by that I mean – listening, understanding, validating, encouraging, supporting, non-judgmentally. Besides being able to share my thoughts and worries in a safe place, for the first time I actually feel heard and acknowledged for simply being who I am and…