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    Happy where I am

    I will make a confession to you: I’ve never been happier in my life. As I write this I can feel the tears pushing to come through. But these are happy tears. These are the tears of a revelation, of an epiphany, of a breakthrough, of a triumph! In just the last few weeks I’ve come to a point of a full blown transformation. I’ve always kept the subject of transformation to the forefront, understanding it’s an essential step of the human journey and what I was going through. Now I feel this shift happening in my body, in my very cells. After two years of inner turmoil and actively…

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    Honouring how far we have come

    The last couple of weeks have been intense.When we first settled in a small town in the north of Bulgaria everything was new and exciting. Christmas was coming, the snow came too (lots of snow), and we started settling into our routine of starting the fire in the morning, cooking brekkie, going out for a walk and play in the park, shopping in the local grocery store, more cooking… you get the point. It was peaceful, calm, fairy-tale like. My mind managed to calm down so much and I started smiling and laughing, and basically feeling happy with all my heart. It was like I was released from something restricting…

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    Here and now: being grateful for another year

    Happy New Year 2017! This is a year which numerologically is a year 1 (2+0+1+7=10=1): new beginnings, new stories, new creations and changes on individual level, and more or less globally. The focus is being turned within, not outside of us. Internally we will find the power and courage to change what doesn’t serve us externally. By turning to our cores and setting up a life that supports our values, we will externally project love, strength and unconditional intention to better our collective world. Don’t be afraid (or feeling guilty) to look into you and be committed to your own process of enlightenment. Your light needs to be fostered, nurtured…

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    On gratitude

    The idea about this blog post originated around the time of Thanksgiving in late November. At the time the internet space was saturated with materials on gratitude, compassion, kindness and gratefulness. I loved the talks and articles that were coming up all over the media and I enjoyed being reminded of those basic values and eternal truths. In Ireland we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. We get the vibe but we don’t get to organise get-togethers. Which could be good and bad. I know that for some getting together with the family could be a tricky experience. In my own case – my family of origin isn’t around. My father lives in…