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    Spirituality,  Trauma Healing

    Dreams of freedom and defining values

    What is freedom for you? Can you answer with one word, perhaps you need one sentence? And what do you dream of? Do you need more than a sentence to describe your dream? I understand – we often don’t know what we’re dreaming of or perhaps, all the more, we’re not daring into thinking what our dream really is. And sometimes it takes quite a long time to realise it… I’m one of the people who until now didn’t understand what they really long for. I knew I was longing for something, something else than what I was experiencing. But I think I may have been too scared to question myself –…

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    The beginning of a new journey: embracing minimalism

    Last time I finished with the promise to tell you what little steps I’ve made recently. What these new breaths of life were inspired by? But first, a teeny bit of a preface. I’ve always been quite organized and orderly with my surroundings. I love clean surfaces and tidy spaces. I’m a fan of decluttering! I didn’t realise this trait in me until I moved in with my partner in our new place a few years ago. The truth is, though, that this place isn’t ours, it’s my partner’s grant aunt’s place, and we’re taking care of it while she’s slowly winding down in a nursing home. We are immensely grateful…