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    Dear beautiful you

    Dear, I love you! I cherish you! I thank you for being the vessel for my soul! You are beautiful, you are worthy, you are precious! You deserve to be happy, you deserve to follow your dreams, you deserve to honour your path. You don’t have to hold on to the past, you do not need to keep the painful memories, you do not need to suffer anymore. You don’t have to be unhappy because someone else is unhappy, you do not need to commiserate with their pain. That won’t help ease their pain, that won’t make them feel better. You have the right to put your needs first, you…

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    Trauma Healing

    Embracing our (complex) human nature

    Hey everyone, I’ve missed you! I often find myself distracted in many ways in life. Then I start feeling very anxious and then I realise it often is because I haven’t written in a while. (I know I’ve said that before.) The thing is that when we’re by ourselves, not really doing anything creative, our minds can run wild. It’s like our minds are looking hard to find something to do and when we’re not giving them that, they starts going rampant in our heads. Do you feel that sometimes? I can’t pin point why this is happening, why we still procrastinate, even when we know the process quite well.…