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    Trauma Healing

    Why holding space is so important in relationships

    You may have heard the term “to hold space” for somebody. Did you fully understand what it means? How we actually do that and why is it so important? I remember reading about it a while ago but couldn’t quite connect the dots – it just sounded abstract or something. And I’ve been seeing articles and videos on the subject circulating around social media, but it wasn’t until I had my own realisations about what relationships really are, that I fully embodied the understanding of what this term means. As I wrote in my previous post, relationships are tools that are assigned from God to us, and signed in a…

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    Trauma Healing

    How relationships help us heal and transform

    Will you define your relationships with people as good? Or do you think you can do better? Have you ever wondered why are relationships so tricky? I recently watched a talk which shed some very needed light on this question. Relationships are a tool, with a big T. They are an instrument. They are a mirror. They are an opportunity for us to heal our wounds. Furthermore, they are the only way for us to continue growing and evolving, as human beings and as souls. When we choose to enter a relationship in the material plane, on a soul level we have already signed a contract with this particular soul to experience some learning and growth. Our mutual purpose is…