• Birthday Wishes Image
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    Birthday wishes and full moon magic

    This last Sunday was my birthday – happy 32 years to me!  Birthdays are always tricky – the solar return of our lives – they mark an ending and a beginning. Since my birthday is in autumn I find it even more melancholic – the end of the summer season and the beginning of the “back to school” season. The two together have always been challenging for me. But now that I’m at an age when there’s no school classes it feels more like reckoning with what I’ve achieved in my personal development and life. So it’s a time of looking back and evaluating and looking ahead and setting intentions. For what I know…

  • Trips and Insights From Around Bulgaria
    Trauma Healing

    Trips and insights from around Bulgaria

    Since I’ve already touched upon the subject of astrology in my previous post, I’ll confess that while in Bulgaria I went to see a professional astrologer. It was my first time ever doing this and a third time ever spending money on something like it – I’ve seen a regression therapist and clairvoyant once. She was a lovely lady – very emotional, expressive, loud and real. That’s why I love these people – because they’re real with no inhibitions whatsoever. It went to the extend of even being dramatic and quite funny – I laughed with my heart open while she was “giving out” to me for having to plan…

  • Reclaiming a lost self image
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    Reclaiming a lost self: an experience in my home country

    Hey Everybody! I’m back from my two-month trip and stay in Bulgaria, hurrah! The situation with the internet certainly could’ve been better but at the same time being “off” had it’s positives, too. I enjoyed being more present, more active, more outside and basically super busy running after my son around in the garden and back yard. One minute was playing in the mud, the next playing with the water pump, and occasionally kittens were being thrown in the bin, oops… Our stay over was full of experiences, meet-ups with relatives and friends, and in general re-connection with the roots. I realised how much I’ve missed my friends and the deep connection…

  • Showing Up For Ourselves Image
    Spirituality,  Trauma Healing

    Showing up for ourselves: an experience of a photo session

    I have been quiet for the past few weeks. So much has happened that it’s somewhat hard to even start – where do I start from? Part of the reasons why I haven’t written, is that I’ve been feeling a lot of internal integration of everything I’ve been through lately. Meaning, while up until now I’ve been doing a lot of mental untangling helped by my writing, for the last 3 weeks I’ve been feeling as all this has been integrating in my body and physical life. Literally, I am feeling the embodying of the shifts happening within me. I didn’t feel like I want to write about something so I…