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    Trauma Healing

    Follow your feelings

    You have been given the power to feel for a reason. It is not a curse, nor a weakness. Your feelings are your built-in guidance system. Trust them. Never question or doubt them. Learn to listen to their subtle moves. Catch them when they are gentle ripples rather than when they’ve escalated into stormy waves. Follow the good feelings. When do you really feel good? Do more of that! And the bad ones – acknowledge them. What are they telling you? Do not ignore them, they are telling you something. Your feelings are your connection to your source, they are the way you are spoken to by your god. Never…

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    Trauma Healing

    The power is within you

    Last month was an emotional rollercoaster. And I know I say that more often than not. But I won’t be able to describe it any other way. Now, I have learned that what really matters is how you respond to the adversity, what you do with your feelings, what you make out of your experiences. It’s probably true that life is just going to keep throwing sour lemons or rotten tomatoes or whatever at us. But what counts is how we take that and what we make of it. “Are you going to drink the lemon juice or are you going to make some lemonade?” You see, the power is…

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    Trauma Healing

    You and your feelings are valid

    Have you been told to stop being so emotional, so sensitive, so dramatic, to stop making such a big deal or fuss out of nothing? Have you felt like your feelings, the way you perceive the world, are being discredited all the time? Have you ended up doubting yourself and how you feel about things in general? It’s time we stop that nonsense and start raising the awareness. Being sensitive, emotional, an introvert, an empath, isn’t being a “less than”. It is who you are. It is who you are meant to be, it is enough, it is unique, it is beautiful and it is powerful. Your emotions are valid.…

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    Trauma Healing

    Life and life’s challenges

    Life and life’s challenges is the inspiration for our creative expression in and our gifts to the world. Life’s drama is what’s fuelling our growth, our expansion, and evolution. Going through life’s challenges is what gives you the opportunity to realise your worth, your value, your confidence. Although I am dealing with adversity right now I do not feel mentally tired or overwhelmed. On the contrary, I feel inspired, fuelled, motivated, I draw inspiration and meaning out of the experience, I feel I am growing internally every minute with the experience and learning so much about myself, my strength, my power, my worth. Alchemy in its workings!!! I am finally…

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    Trauma Healing

    The hidden gift in every difficulty

    It’s been a whirlwind of last and again I’ll have to say, It’s been a while, I’ve missed you and I’ve missed writing. My family and I had to move house, yet again. We’ve arrived in Bulgaria a little more than 7 month ago. Late in February we found an apartment in Sofia – we were delighted with the place and we were ready to start settling in and go on with our lives. Work for my partner, kindergarten for our son, and more time to write for me. And things indeed were settling, we were getting the hang of it. The transport, the shops, the parks, the city life,…

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    Trauma Healing

    A strange day… in a beautiful and vulnerable way

    It’s a strange day today, in a beautiful, real, soulful, tender way. I’ll try and describe what I feel the best way I can. This morning I started reading a book – Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph. I found this author and her moving story “randomly” browsing in WordePress reader. When I opened Alexis’s blog and read a few blog posts, I knew I’ve found it for a reason. I was captivated. This is the story of a woman who has suffered extreme physical and sexual abuse as a young child and a teenager in the 60’s and 70’s in America. I only started reading this morning but the…