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    Healing & Recovery

    Honouring how far we have come

    The last couple of weeks have been intense.When we first settled in a small town in the north of Bulgaria everything was new and exciting. Christmas was coming, the snow came too (lots of snow), and we started settling into our routine of starting the fire in the morning, cooking brekkie, going out for a walk and play in the park, shopping in the local grocery store, more cooking… you get the point. It was peaceful, calm, fairy-tale like. My mind managed to calm down so much and I started smiling and laughing, and basically feeling happy with all my heart. It was like I was released from something restricting…

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    Healing & Recovery

    Autumn and the renewal of the soul: on priorities, anxiety and social media

      It is autumn out there. I have often wondered which season I like better – spring or autumn. In my home country Bulgaria every season is beautifully defined and we’ve got all four of them there. In my country of living Ireland we don’t always get all the seasons throughout the year but we can definitely get all of them in a single day! After being in Ireland for 8 years I have come to resent the summers and absolutely love the autumns. Summers often turn out cold and grey, and disappointing. On the other hand, autumns are warm, sunny and gorgeously colourful. Now I know autumn is my…

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    Healing & Recovery

    Four things I’ve learned from going through a crisis

    “A crisis gives you the opportunity to face your deepest flaws and fears, take responsibility for your life, and turn the pain something beautiful.” For the last 5 years I have been going through some tough times. Living away from my family and friends in a foreign country, losing two of my closest people to cancer and trying to cope with motherhood and unemployment is roughly describing the picture. Yet, these hardships prompted me to explore my life situation and find the lessons in it. Here’s what I’ve learned. 1. Take the Time to Process First of all that means to acknowledge that something is happening to you. Try not…