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    Trauma Healing

    On the brink of dawn

    As we enter into 2018, I cannot quite get myself into thinking about resolutions, setting intentions or goals. I cannot even summon my mind to reflect back on the year 2017. I feel somewhere in between, not quite ready to let go of the old year and not quite there to welcome the new one. Perhaps this is natural, for some of us. Just as I try and think about what the past year has brought my way, I almost freeze. It’s been so much, there’s been so many lessons, too many experiences and feelings. I don’t know if I can summarise all of it in one post, one sentence,…

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    Trauma Healing

    How to work with difficult feelings

    “Happiness is not only our birthright. It is also our obligation.” The days and weeks roll by and I find it hard to sit and write. Too much is going through my head but can’t seem to be able to stop, sit and capture it. What I’ve been struggling with for the last weeks is to find the meaning. The meaning of it all. I keep ask myself Why am I here? What’s the point of it?¬†You see the days go on – work, school, whatever, then home, and on it goes. Sometimes it feels so pointless, so hard to find a meaning to keep going. Then I tell myself…