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Quiet confidence: living in alignment with what our souls desire

Hey Peeps! I’m back after a short silence, a silence filled with changes and progress.

My body literally hurts from physical tiredness but my heart is filled with delight and joy.

My family and I moved to our apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria, less than a week ago. It’s day four of my partner working full-time and my son going to playschool almost full-time.

We’re all pushing through the walls of our comfort zones but it feels so good.

Getting to know a big city like Sofia isn’t something new for me but it is new in itself. Despite the stress of the big metropolis, I feel calm. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so calm.

Of course, I do lose my composure at times but deep inside I am calm. I feel this quiet confidence I’ve been mentioning before. And I pray for the embodiment of being centred and grounded.

These feeling arise when we are in alignment with what our souls desire.

When we are on the right track, when we follow our paths. And we might not see too far ahead of us but we move forward with the deep knowing that we’re not lost anymore.

And, oh, how lost I’ve felt before. On so many occasions..

But that’s in the past. I’ve done the hard work, I’ve moved mountains. And now I see the horizon. And it’s been so utterly burdensome but now my soul is flying in bliss.

And this is possible for every one of us – for you, for all of us. We’re not meant to suffer, to sink in despair, to lose ourselves. It may be required so that you embark on the journey of self-discovery, though.

But inevitably, you will come on the other side of this hero’s journey, you’ll defeat the dragons in their caves and come out to meet to sun again.

But you have to do the work. You have to acknowledge that you’re unhappy (and possibly depressed), that’s something’s just missing, and start asking questions. 

No amount of money, possessions or achievements will fill in the gap that you feel.

You have to stand up to your own doubts, your lack, your fear. And question them, and get to the bottom of it.

And that is almost the purpose of our lives – we need to figure ourselves out, so we can figure out others and our planet, our living system.

Why are we here? Surely not solely to suffer, or get rich?..

There is more to our lives as human beings. But we need to uncover our truth and throw away all the rubbish that’s distracting us or bringing us down.

And we all have issues, we all have traumas, we all have in one form or another experienced harsh emotions, we all have suffered our own parents, our families, our local environments, and society.

We all have very similar symptoms and a very few almost identical conditions. They all stem from basically one sickness.

Lack of love.

It really is that simple. But we have also entangled ourselves in a glorious amount of messiness. 

And it’s true that we’ve put a lot of effort into composing our own version of mess and it has taken us most of our conscious lives. But it’s also true that this mess can be untangled real quickly.

It takes a few conscious decisions. A series of these decisions that resonate with your heart and soul.

But you need to ask and listen. Wait and be patient. Work hard and not give up. 

And of course there will be stumbles, till the rest of your life. But that what human life is. 

We need to hold the vision of the bigger picture in our hearts because deep down we know.

Our bodies know. Our minds get in the way. 

So we need to master this one.

And I promise the sun is there to meet on your way out of the darkness.

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Vilina Christoph is a spiritual writer and uses the power of words to help others on their journey of healing and recovery. She distills challenging life experiences into meaningful lessons and practical wisdom. She believes that finding our voices and speaking our truth empowers us to transform our lives and reach long-lasting fulfillment.


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