• Accepting Our Shadow Image
    Trauma Healing

    Accepting our shadow as a way back to wholeness

    The key to joyful happy full life is the acceptance of all of yourself. It was C.G. Jung who first developed the concept of the “shadow” – we all have parts of ourselves that we would rather hide than show to ourselves or the world. These are those qualities we deem “unacceptable” due to many reasons – perhaps our parents told us that such and such people are bad, or to be this and this is wrong. Or it was our culture and community we grew up in that portrayed certain characteristics in a negative way. At a very early age, we learn to disassociate from these qualities in ourselves…

  • Self Doubt Image
    Trauma Healing

    Self-doubt: get out of your head and into your heart

    I often find myself lost and wandering. I question choices, I search for direction, I grasp for guidance. Since I was a child I was never able to develop a healthy sense of self-worth and confidence. I battle with doubt every time I need to make a decision or take action. This could be mentally taxing and emotionally exhausting. The struggle to stay on top and in control of things is real and relentless. If I say or do something, I doubt whether it was the right thing or if I didn’t rush it. If I don’t say or do anything, I’m wondering whether I’m being too passive or too…

  • Thoughts on Self Love Image

    Thoughts on self-love

    The other day I decided to dig a little deeper and find some answers to some clear questions. I’ve identified that my main “issues” have to do with my worth, or how I value myself. Do I believe I am worthy and deserving? And if not, why? I figured that the areas of life where I struggle most are: people e.g. creating meaningful connections with other human beings, and money e.g. creating financial stability and wealth in general, not just money. Why is it hard to experience pure loving relationships with people? And why is it hard to attract money and have financial wealth? Both questions together – Why is…

  • Learning To Trust Image
    Trauma Healing

    Learning to trust: connecting to our inner wisdom

    In February I wrote about the small steps that me and my family are taking, and the changes coming from that. Now, a few months later, things are still moving forward and there’s much progress. In this post I’d like to revisit and recap all that started at the beginning of this year. Perhaps the most significant area in our lives as a family was our housing situation. The house we live in and are taking care of is about to be announced for sale. When my partner’s grant aunt died earlier in January we knew our boat is to be rocked. But we’ve already started on the process of getting…

  • The death of the self image
    Trauma Healing

    The death of the self: on toddler troubles, being human and name change

    Sounds like an absurd combination of things and what does it have to do with the self? So here’s what happened last week – a mush of emotional turmoil, child’s excrement and personal transformation. My 2 1/2 year-old son Sylvian woke up in the middle of the night with a dreadful cough. He was wheezing and it sounded like he was barely able to breathe. I’ve never heard him like that, it sounded like he was suffocating. Together with my partner we wondered shall we go to the Emergency department. A short while later my son went back to sleep, still wheezing but at least able to breathe. In the morning…