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    Breaking free of our mental prisons

    I mentioned in my last post that I’ve kept myself into a sort of a mental prison. After talking to my therapist about it and going for a walk after, it came to me – another piece of the puzzle. After the dreams about my past lives, I had another few empowering dreams – one symbolising letting go of the burden I’ve been carrying by throwing things out of a backpack I’ve been carrying, and another – expressing myself freely by singing to a song I don’t remember the words of but nevertheless singing loudly and freely. To me, those dreams symbolise my emotional release of the trauma I’ve been lugging around…

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    Past life explorations

    Last time I put my story under a different light and illuminated it within a new perspective. I looked into my life from the angle of radical (self) forgiveness. In short, radical forgiveness is about the idea that whatever happened to us (seeing ourselves as victim) or whatever we did to someone else (seeing ourselves as perpetrator), nothing wrong ever occurred. The people participating in the event on both sides have agreed on spiritual level to experience it so their souls can evolve. It’s all perfect and as it should be. Thus, skipping the traditional meaning of forgiveness, we address our concerns to our spiritual self and forgive whomever hurt us or ourselves…

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    Crisis as a call for change and how to integrate it in your life

    “Crisis is a call for change and when it comes in your life, make sure you give yourself the necessary time to understand its full meaning. Crisis gives you the opportunity to find the hidden gold in your shadow.” I am just coming out of a personal crisis which started a few months ago and was triggered by the death of my sister. This loss followed the death of our mother 5 years earlier. Two people of my 4-member family are now forever gone from my present life. They live in my past and, perhaps, our souls will meet again in the future beyond. I dedicate my writing work to…

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    Four things I’ve learned from going through a crisis

    “A crisis gives you the opportunity to face your deepest flaws and fears, take responsibility for your life, and turn the pain something beautiful.” For the last 5 years I have been going through some tough times. Living away from my family and friends in a foreign country, losing two of my closest people to cancer and trying to cope with motherhood and unemployment is roughly describing the picture. Yet, these hardships prompted me to explore my life situation and find the lessons in it. Here’s what I’ve learned. 1. Take the Time to Process First of all that means to acknowledge that something is happening to you. Try not…

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    Soul Searching

      How did I get here? How did my consciousness and awareness come to this point? It is interesting to go back a bit and mention my old posts again, from two years ago. I can notice a lot of things I am writing to be really close to an intuition which is even stronger today. I was subconsciously touching on some points which today are well developed in my mind. They are much clearer and defined, and that’s because I am conscious about these things. I have read and researched them, and in a way I know what’s going on. I have to say that I am getting most of this…