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    Thoughts on self-love

    The other day I decided to dig a little deeper and find some answers to some clear questions. I’ve identified that my main “issues” have to do with my worth, or how I value myself. Do I believe I am worthy and deserving? And if not, why? I figured that the areas of life where I struggle most are: people e.g. creating meaningful connections with other human beings, and money e.g. creating financial stability and wealth in general, not just money. Why is it hard to experience pure loving relationships with people? And why is it hard to attract money and have financial wealth? Both questions together – Why is…

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    “Look how far you’ve come!”

    I recently went for an amatsu massage therapy as a birthday gift. The therapist is a friend of our family and she knows the details of my personal story. I first met her when I moved into the town where we live now, and she’s been following our four-year time period here since the birth of our son. So when I met her after some six months since our previous meet-up, she exclaimed: “You look gorgeous!” I shied away and said that I’m only dressed casual. When she asked what birthday that was and I answered that it was my 32nd, she explained again: “Look how far you’ve come!” I shied away again,…

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    Rewriting my story in a radical self-forgiveness context

    “I am here to deal with my fear of isolation, loneliness and loss. I have chosen my parents, sibling, partner, child, close friends, and my life circumstances so they can support my soul’s evolution. My mother temporarily left me for 5 years when I was 10 years old. Then she permanently left my life when I was 26. By doing so, she first opened a hole in me as a young child, and then she made that hole graver, bigger and deeper by leaving this world altogether. When my mum first left she prepared me for encountering a greater feeling of loneliness and loss later in my life. When she…

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    Letting go of guilt

    In this post I’d like to discuss the feeling of guilt – in particular the guilt inherited from our parents and the way we carry this within us through life. I believe guilt can play out in our lives in two ways: the guilt our parents felt towards us when we were young (and perhaps still feel) and how that affected us in becoming whole beings the guilt we carry over for our parents and we as parents feel towards our children. And I believe this guilt is carried through the generations. Perhaps this is a new concept for you but bear with me. If you find yourself feeling guilty in situations…

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    Reclaiming our wholeness

    Last time I touched upon the subject of childhood and the beliefs we form as little children. Beliefs that are very often unaligned with our truth and distorted by the immature minds we possess at very early age. In this post I’ll strive to explain better what that means and how it happens. I draw my conclusions solely from my own experience and the realisations I’ve made during my journey of better understanding myself. My hope is that you will be able to find your own truth in what I have to say! I’m sure some of you are familiar with the concept of inner child work and healing the wounded child within…

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    Becoming our true selves

    I had a revelation – I had put my life on pause. About 3 years ago I unconsciously put my own life on hold. What happened at that time is that I moved in with my partner and we had a baby. Life drastically changed as I moved out of my flat in Dublin city and moved in a quieter area nearby; I said goodbye to single life living with my best friend and embraced sharing a relationship and a 3 bedroom house with my boyfriend. I also lost my job and not long after that we got pregnant. It was a life overhaul. I switched identities over a few months. Consciously…

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    Learning to love ourselves

    Learning to love yourself is probably one of the hardest things we will have to do in life. Some never get to enjoy the feeling of self-love. Others are lucky to have built it slowly for themselves. And third have experienced the bliss of growing up in a loving environment and cultivating self-love along the way.In any case, living your life without loving yourself could hardly be called living. And, more or less, we’re all here to learn to love in one way or another. I’ve always struggled with self-esteem, self-worth and self-love. I didn’t realise how crucial these qualities are until recently, and how they affect all spheres of…