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The Wonder List

The Wonder List: Goal, Gratitude, Inspiration & Affirmation for the Month of May

“The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” ~ Morrie Schwartz


Hey everyone!

I can’t believe it’s already May and the spring is in full swing! In Bulgaria, this is one of the months with the most holidays and days off. I’m just back from some travelling in the country and some much needed reconnecting with nature.

I spent a few days at my father’s house and if you’ve been following my posts, you know we have a “story” with him. Every time I visit, there is some unfolding and clarity gained and this time was no different. I’ll tell you about that experience in a separate post – maybe you have a difficult relationship with your father too and it will help you.


Goal for the month:

Release and let go of all the old conditioning and programming, open up to new opportunities in life, commit to your path and purpose, focus.

Over the weekend, we had a New Moon in Taurus and after Easter (Ostara) and Beltaine, which is a brilliant time to reset ourselves and start afresh just like Mother Nature and her seasons. It’s a most potent time to set new intentions and start new projects.


Things I’m grateful for:

♥ uncovering my authentic self ♥ connecting with my true essence ♥ growing self-awareness ♥ becoming aware of the dysfunctional patterns that run in my family ♥ breaking the cycle of unawareness and abuse in my family ♥ detaching from unhealthy ways of relating to others ♥ deeper commitment to my purpose ♥ increasing feelings of inner strength ♥ finding a trauma-informed therapist to work with ♥ understanding and learning more and more about trauma and its healing ♥ new connections with people ♥ chats with people who are on the same path as me ♥ a growing support network ♥ improving relationships with my son and partner ♥ loving myself daily ♥ allowing myself to just be regardless of external expectations


Inspiring things to read, watch and listen:

♥ WATCHING: The 4 Elements of Healing Complex PTSD (And the Portal of Willingness)

♥ WATCHING: Complex Trauma and Its Effects on Child Development – Dr Artur Becker Weidman

♥ LISTENING: Music For Concentration (Spotify Playlist)

♥ READING: The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma – Bessel van der Kolk, MD 

♥ READING: Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma – Peter A. Levine

♥ LEARNING: @cptsd.hope, @theempoweredtherapist, @ayan_mukherjee_



I put my focus and concentrate my energy and attention on what is meaningful to me and lifts me up!


Wishing you fruitful new beginnings this month, stay on course, and keep growing and healing! ♥


Vilina Christoph is a spiritual writer and uses the power of words to help others on their journey of healing and recovery. She distills challenging life experiences into meaningful lessons and practical wisdom. She believes that finding our voices and speaking our truth empowers us to transform our lives and reach long-lasting fulfillment.

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