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Interview with Dari Frampton: A woman on a journey of transformation, healing & discovering her true self

Dari is an old friend from my teenage years back in my hometown. For more than a decade I haven’t heard from her until one day in 2017 Dari got in touch with me while experiencing a personal crisis. She was on the verge of her own spiritual journey of self-discovery and awareness. Since that day, we’ve restored our connection and find ourselves on a very similar path of awakening and healing.

By day Dari is a portrait and wedding photographer who loves capturing beautiful moments for people. She has always loved the creative arts but recently she’s grown a deep interest in studying psychology, astrology, ancient healing and wisdom from our ancestors. Her life journey now is heading into a more spiritual direction where she would like to learn and combine mental and emotional health research and techniques to be able to help people create healthier and happier lives. She also loves relationship counselling and feminine practice therapies.

Here are Dari’s own words:

Tell us a little about your life journey.

My Life journey has been and is all about inner transformation, self-mastery, self-love and learning the right way of relating and caring for myself and others. So it is very much discovering myself. You cannot understand others unless you have understood yourself first and done some painful, and most of the time, difficult self-work.

Three words that describe you most accurately.

Passionate, Empathic, Warrior for justice.

What set you off on your journey of transformation and healing/recovery?

I have had quite a lonely childhood where I lacked a lot of emotional warmth and fun. On my path, I faced bullying, difficult family dynamics and feelings of not fitting in. This in return, made me turn inwards and explore my inner world through reading, writing, music, and dance. So after a lot of years of struggling to find and express myself, my purpose and my path…, after certain painful events in my adult life, I have had enough and decided I want a real change.

What made you start sharing about yourself and your experiences with others?

I am now ready to share and help others to do the same.

There is no bigger joy than knowing who you are and what is your place in this world. Once you are happy with yourself, you can spread that love and happiness to others.

Did you have a particular “aha” moment during your journey?

I have had many ‘’aha’’ moments, yet in my youth, I would totally ignore them. Most of the pivotal moments in my life were brought to me through painful experiences with others, via betrayal, abandonment and disappointment. I now see these were all to teach me something very important. My biggest ‘’aha’’ moment, however, happened a few years ago after a very scary health issue. This event made me reconsider my whole life and that’s how I started a very deep, yet rewarding journey of healing and discovering my true self.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced and overcome?

My biggest challenge was to believe in myself, to learn to nurture and love myself and become my own authority, my own strength, my own source of love, my own biggest supporter. Also to leave behind the limiting conditions, old beliefs, patterns and people who caused me pain and suffering. I am still working on this, however. It will be a life long process I can feel, but it gets easier with time, once the awareness deepens.

Is there something you struggle with on a day-to-day basis?

I still struggle with confidence issues sometimes, but that is something that takes time, self-care and a lot of practice. As a total mind reprogramming is needed.

What practices & tools you lean onto to get yourself up and running again?

I started practising daily positive affirmations and that’s how my day starts and ends. I also joined breathwork and meditation groups. It is very important to surround yourself with like-minded, gentle and supportive people and create honest, sincere relationships.

How do you define “healed”?

To me ‘’healed’ would mean when your mind and heart are in balance.

When your life is in balance. When you feel content and peaceful inside. When you know who you are, when you love and accept who you are. Then you are healed 😊

How does the process of healing look for you?

The process of healing is probably one of the hardest things one can go through emotionally. The deeper the wounds, the harder it is.

To me, this kind of self-work requires a high level of self-awareness, bravery and courage, but most importantly – a desire to change.

Desire to live a happier life. It also requires acceptance, desire to take control of your life, accepting the responsibility for your own life and forgiveness. In the healing work, such deep and painful events and memories can arise, that one has to be mentally prepared and want to heal. It is a long road, so one has to naturally come to it. Sometimes life forces you via creating certain outside events. Ultimately, the idea is to change. To change something. And of course in order to change something outside, one must change the inside first. Healing can happen through many various methods including self-analysis, work with a therapist – psychologist, energy healers and alternative therapies. I am an advocate for both – using conventional with ‘’unconventional’’ methods.

Is there someone you look up to or who lifts you up when you feel down?

I look up to all the courageous people who had to overcome struggles in life and who had the inner wisdom and self-reflection abilities to understand the reasons for their suffering. I listen to various inspirational speeches of people who have been through struggle and survived.  I look up to people like you, who had the strength and courage to face their own fears and whose desire to create a happy life was stronger than their fear. I look up to people who on a surface look weak and humble, but carry enormous inner strength, wisdom and compassion. I am inspired by courageous people who choose to live from their heart.

Who do you dedicate your work to?

I want to dedicate my work to all those in need, all those who suffer, who don’t know who they are, who were bullied, ignored and felt unloved. To all those who are still in the tunnel, who feel like there is no light at the end. To all those who are in fear and anxiety. To all those who are looking for purpose.

Is there something you wish you can change about your life circumstances?

Maybe if you asked me this question a few years ago, I could write a list of all those things I wish I could change. But now…my answer is, I would not change anything.

I have gained a lot during my years of suffering and difficulties. I have gained my true self and deep understanding of what it is that I am and what it is that I want and what was it, that I had to let go off.

We will never get all the answers and we will never be perfect, but we can try our best to be better than we were yesterday.

If you can ask a genie three wishes, what would they be?

😊 Peace of mind, Love and Balance. And those three wishes would go for myself and humanity.

Where do you see yourself in one year? 

I see myself studying, doing what I love and travelling. Creating a better-balanced life and relationships. And meeting my soul tribe.

What is the one thing that never fails to put a smile on your face? 

Probably when I watch my children sleep or when they play happily. I love watching them do that. Just pure joy and living in the moment. Without a worry.

What is the one thing you never make a compromise with?

I would not compromise with people who want to oppress, undermine and control others.

What is your message to others struggling with trauma and/or mental health issues? 

My advice is to never ever feel bad about yourself. But to know that the suffering and mental anguish you are experiencing, simply means you have to come on a very important journey of healing and self-discovery. And all the pain has its meaning and purpose.

If you get to write a book what would you title it?

The title for my book would be ‘’All roads lead home’’. Meaning that no matter the journey one has or the road one chooses to walk in this life, it will ultimately lead to the right place.

Were can others find you/contact you? 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/truecolours/

I truly hope you enjoyed today’s interview and that it inspires you to continue healing, growing and sharing your story with the world.

To me, Dari’s words emanate purity of heart, optimism and passion for helping fellow human beings. I admire her devotedness and determination.

Do you resonate to Dari’s story? Have you faced any of the struggles she’s had? Which part touched you the most?

Reach out to Dari in the comment section below or via her Instagram account. Help spread the healing – share this post!


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